Here's What You Need To Know About Yacon Syrup

Candida is a type of fungus that fits themselves to moist and warm surroundings and also loves sugar. You can have it anywhere on your body. This can also have an effect on our blood streams and internal organs. Side effects vary but most of the symptoms of having Candida are: rashes, constipation, diarrhea, food allergies, bloating, digestive issues and body fatigue. As you can see this has something to do about the food we eat. So when one has Candida, sure thing that their food diet is really strict. There is a lot of food not to be eaten by someone who has Candida such as sugars, honey, syrups, chocolate, and artificial sweeteners.

Looking through all of the symptoms and those foods to avoid seems really aggravating to a person’s food intake. It has been talked about that Yacon might be one of the food to avoid as well. As we all know Yacon Syrup has Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) which is believed that can assist in preventing any kind of Candida yeast infections. It has a positive effect on any digestive bacteria that we all have wherein it keeps Candida albicans always under control. As been discussed, FOS is a natural dietary fiber that keeps our stomach healthy all the time.
It shows that white sugars and some other simple kinds of sugar tend to alleviate yeast infection more and thus bad bacteria grow faster than ever. Again FOS works as a prebiotic thus working as a good bacteria on one’s tummy. It now normalizes how bacteria are doing on our tummy. It is really important for a person with Candida to be careful in choosing the food that needs to be included on his or her diet. Yacon syrup has all the benefits needed by those with Candida. Instead of getting a strict Anti-Candida diet, you’ll still be able to enjoy the same foods you’re eating before with using the Yacon syrup as the sweetener. Some says Yacon syrup should only be introduced at the later stage of the said diet. Again, looking through all the benefits yacon syrup has to offer, I believe there wouldn’t be any complications of including it on one’s food.

On how everyone would seem to introduce taking Yacon syrup as a cure to Candida, we’ll talk about the process itself first. What happens to one’s body upon the intake of this very amazing and wonderful natural wonder food? Again, yacon plants are the biggest maker of Fructooligosaccharide. FOS can’t be processed by our body as our system doesn’t have anything to hydrolyze it. So what it does is that it passes through our digestive system without leaving any absorbable compound which is way good for those of Candida. Also this syrup is relatively low in calories; again this would not be able to have a bad effect on a person with Candida. Whatever we intake since it can’t hydrolyze the FOS on that syrup by our system; some of the undigested portion of it serves as a food for our tummy’s best working bacteria.

Even when someone has Candida, using the Yacon syrup as a sweetener is still possible. Candida patients are not allowed to eat sweet foods but now it can be done by adding this syrup in place of sugars. Eating oatmeal is now possible as well with the use of this miracle syrup. From baked goodies, to healthy breakfast to our creamy and delicious desserts sure anyone with Candida can see heaven with the Yacon syrup.

There are really a lot of things Yacon syrup has to offer us. That‘s why a lot of people are amazed on how good this is to everyone. Person suffering from Candida can have a normal and happier eating moments now.

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